Your support

You like our project and want to support us along the way? We’d love for you to use one of these methods below to help us. And if happen to have new ideas, you’re welcome to get in touch with us.

What we’re looking for

For our project we’re on the hunt for a farmstead, a manor, restaurant or similar property that offers the possibility to expand up to about 400 m² (4,300 sq.ft) of living and working spaces close to the city of Leipzig.

The parcel of land it sits on should be no smaller than ca. 3,000 m² (32,000 sq.ft) to have enough space for all our ideas.

You know somebody who wants to sell something similar? Then please get in touch with us, either by using our contact page or call our liaison Katrin at +49 341 24832682.

Your financial support

Perhaps you’d like to be our lucky charm? If so, please send us your financial support. We’re extremely grateful every contribution, large or small, as it really helps us out in making our project a reality.

Do you know those old greeting cards, with a penny or cent on the front and good wishes for the future? They had a neat little quote on them, that you’re welcome to use as a motto for your gift:

“Are you short a dollar to being a millionaire? 
Well here you go, it’s right there!”

Paypal: @sonnweiler4dich

Our bank account: DE29 4306 0967 1280 2967 00
Owner: Sonnweiler GmbH

Bank: GLS Bank Bochum

Thank you for making our project known to more people