Our vision for holistic health

Health is not a steady state, but a wholly individual process and development. Every person can, through conscious and responsible actions, contribute much to their own health. Healthy living conditions, loving togetherness, good food, nature and animals can help us with this. With this project, we aim to create just such a positive and supportive environment.

But, our vision goes far beyond that. We wish for this to be a place where therapists, healers, herbalists, medical doctors and coaches can come together to work for peoples’ health.

The start line – KReativ Naturheilpraxis

At first, Katrin Rabe’s KReativ Naturheilpraxis practice will relocate to Sonnweiler. Katrin has been working as a homeopath for nigh on 20 years and so has an incredibly deep pool of experience in treating and caring for her patients.

Her practice offers not only homeopathic therapy for the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. She also specializes in using homeopathy to support people in their personal development.

Homeopathy is intensified through therapeutic hypnosis, a further helpful treatment method for bodily and spiritual ailments, as well as a powerful coaching tool.

Breathing therapy and relaxation treatments with tuning forks and singing bowls fill in the therapeutic spectrum.

This way, Sonnweiler has a good base for comprehensive and holistic support of people all the way from babies to elders, from day one.

At this new location, the practice will be configured to be accessible, to be able to offer people with impairments free access to all the offered therapies as well.

If you’d like to know more about the practice and Katrin’s work, you will find copious information on her website www.kreativ-naturheilpraxis.de (only in German for the time being). Of course, you can simply call her at +49 341 2197 7535.

Cooperation and synergies

Every field of medicine and therapy has its right to exist and its own important function. Since every person is different, everyone must be allowed to choose those treatments they themselves find helpful – completely freely and without emotional pressure.

For in the cooperation of the different branches, the full healing potential has a chance to unfold. As such, it is our wish that healers of all kinds can meet here and work for the betterment of people together.

If you are a therapist, doctor, healer or coach and want to explore new avenues in treating people together, get in touch. We look forward to meeting creative, loving people that want to work for holistic health with us.

Thank you for making our project known to more people