Sonnweiler – place of power and a community full of light

Our project Sonnweiler is to create a healthy and inspiring place close to both nature and the city of Leipzig, for intergenerational living, working and creating.

It is our vision to build a meeting point and place of power for people of all ages, from near and far, where enriching meetings, free development and spiritual expansion, as well as wholesome healing can be experienced. In our mind this place can be found in an old farmstead, which can tell many stories of bygone times and which we will give a new lease on life with lots of love.

Our project

Head full of ideas for a sustainable life in tune with nature, we came together. As different as our individual strengths and interests are, so diverse and unique will the space for development of potential be, which we will create for us and for you.

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About us

Two families, three generations, five company members, seven creative minds and one collective vision for the future.

Would you like to know who these creative minds belong to? Read more about us founders here.

What you get from supporting us

It's about one of the many small seeds that are needed to grow a new, better world. The Sonnweiler should be a seed from which we can create something positive and forward-looking together.

There will be a variety of joint activities and, above all, plenty of room for exchange, healthy development and mutual inspiration.

Current articles on our Sonnweiler blog

Ready to go, but where is our financing angel?

Externally, there was a long period of silence regarding Sonnweiler. You could almost think that nothing has happened to us in the meantime. We found a suitable property, but we weren't yet able to buy it and start renovating it.

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We would like to buy this place and turn it into a Sonnweiler

We found an island in the countryside, with two apartment buildings in need of renovation and a large garden plot.

There is plenty of room here to realize our future plans. We are currently working with great enthusiasm on planning the renovation and compiling the documents for the bank.

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The first major milestone has been reached!

Hurray – it’s finally happened!!! Today, we certified the founding of our company Sonnweiler GmbH with a notary.

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A Villa – a whole new perspective perhaps?

All this time we thought we’d realise our project on an old farmstead. But how about we make a disused townhouse with a generous plot of land our new home?

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Sadly, that wasn’t the right farmyard ☹

On the picture it says: "Lose what must be lost in order to find what must be found"

Disappointingly it didn’t work out as we had hoped with the farmstead we’d all taken to heart.

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Thank you to the first angels :-)

Our first angels and lucky charms have shown up and taken us just that bit closer to our goal. With that, our Sonnweiler as a farmstead just outside of Leipzig is coming ever closer to becoming a reality.

We’re staying on the case and holding out all hope that the farmstead will wait for us, until we’ve sorted everything out. A massive thanks to the current owners for their patience and support.

Now we need an angel

Oh wow – we just viewed an old three-sided farmstead that just ticks all the boxes for us and our project. It has a residence that is large enough for all of us to move in directly, as intergenerational housemates at first, but still. There’s also plenty space to build more housing, practices, vacation apartments and it has a giant barn with room for all our ideas.

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Preparations are running at full force

House viewings, inquiries to the local building department, working on our company contract, getting an account opened at the bank and so much more is part of our current work on the project. Almost every Sunday we’ll meet up and carry on plugging away at it.

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An idea takes shape

On our quest for the perfect property, we’ve had a look at a lot of different real estate.

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