The spark

We have been friends for many years. About two years ago we recognized that we all dream of more than the typical – my house, my car and an unlimited data plan…

To give life to this dream, we met with several interested parties and after a time found our core team of five partners with one concrete undertaking.

Our values

The foundation of our actions is a non-negotiable system of values. Equality, integrity, authenticity and responsibility are its core pillars.

With our sociocratic structure, we strive for sustainability, wholesomeness and community.

Our team

Claudia Tänzer

Our future project Sonnweiler has many attributes I would also ascribe to myself: visionary and open to the world, manifold interests, unconventional, but above all determined and persevering.

My tendency for accuracy and an eye for detail surely had a hand in my going to trade school to become a hotelier in a 5 Star Superior hotel. But the chances to leave my mark on the world seemed very limited to me, so I got my Bachelor’s Degree in International Management at HTWK Leipzig and then my Master’s at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. My current employment in Business Development and Business Strategy affords me much more leverage.

My interest in and understanding of health have developed especially in close dialogue with Katrin.
She accompanies my health development since my childhood and of course also that of my daughters Caitlin and Junia, as well as my husband Veit’s.

In my spare time I like to go on hikes to collect herbs, which I use to produce remedies and cosmetics for my own use. Furthermore, I organize festivities for wheel of the year holidays, such as midsummer and spring and autumn equinoxes for and with friends.

Katrin Rabe

I am elated to be part of the Sonnweiler project. As a representative of generation “mom and grandma”, I get to contribute my diverse life experiences to our common goal.

Occupationally, these span from learning the electrician’s trade and studying Process Engineering, via artistic work all the way to becoming a homeopath and therapist. My 13 years in Sweden proved especially formative. There, I first worked as a testing engineer for the Swedish Consumer Agency, then completed my studies to become a licensed homeopath and had my own practice. As a healer, I now live out my calling for the good of others in my KReativ Naturheilpraxis practice in Leipzig.
With my extensive hobbies and interests like gardening, painting and sewing I am sure to further contribute to the success of this project.

It is a matter very close to my heart to be able to bring this project to bloom together with the young people. I see myself both as a visionary as well as the balancing, connecting element of our group.

Veit Tänzer

In my occupation as a road maintenance worker, I am entrusted with constantly varying tasks on and around state and federal roads. Among these are using hand- and power tools for plant tending, steering construction machines like mini excavators or cranes, repairing and maintaining engineered structures such as bridges and drainage systems, as well as setting up and leading construction sites.

In my spare time, I tinker craft wooden objects with lots of commitment and dedication, e.g. play houses, furniture frontages, shelves and wardrobes – even walkable ones.

Despite this, there is enough time left over for my sports. I play ninepins on a first league level, go inline skating and play beach volleyball with friends.

Andre Rabe

I’m a mechatronics technician by trade and work for a leading manufacturer of industrial air handling units, installing and testing all electrics systems in said units before shipping.

Because I speak five languages (German, English and Swedish on a native speaker level), I also tend to be the first one approached when it comes to service calls in other countries; Northern Europe especially, since I spent 13 years of my youth and childhood here.

In my spare time I like to tinker with anything that produces movement, light or sound after completion, be it motorcycles, cars, computers or other electronics, what have you! If I have time left over after that I use these self-built or -restored objects, like riding my motorcycles, sim racing or simply playing computer games.

It is my hope that our project can be an anchor in my life and give me more room for my hobbies, since a rental apartment isn’t really suited to dismantling machines.

Lydia Rabe

I was born and raised in Sweden. At age 11, I moved to Germany with my family, which presented me with many challenges, all of which I overcame and which strengthened my personality.

After school, I completed my vocational training as a management assistant at an energy distribution company and now I work in the customer service department of one of Leipzig’s foremost companies.

I nurture my creativity through several pursuits. I build my own cosplay costumes, that I then present at Leipzig’s Buchmesse event, or at the internationally known Wave Gothic Treffen. I also like to draw, for example the character art for pen and paper RPGs and for fantasy novels of my own composition.

Caitlin Tänzer

We are Caitlin and Junia Tänzer and we’re already looking forward to lots of room for jumping, climbing, dancing and playing.

Junia Tänzer

Thank you for making our project known to more people