Our Vision

It is our vision to create an inspiring and healthy meeting point and source of strength for people of all ages and from near and far. This place will offer an environment for meetings and exchanges at eye level and living, learning and thriving in togetherness.

We see this as a kind of place of pilgrimage for creative and hardworking people, that realize many projects here, as a community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create intergenerational and sustainable living and working environment outside the city of Leipzig. Creative activities, health, therapy and relaxation offerings transform that site to a place of power.

Our Values

Our future-project Sonnweiler is organized sociocratically. This gives us a great base to shape peoples’ interactions with themselves and others according to the four principles of Danish family therapist Jesper Juul.

These four principles are:

  • Equality

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Responsibility

For separate phases and projects special sociocratic teams, called “circles”, will be formed. According to this method, decisions are only made in a consensus. This organizational form allows us to honor every person’s individuality and make sustainable decisions together.

Why "Sonnweiler"?

The name, translated literally, means sun hamlet and is composed of the words “Sonne (sun)” and “Weiler (hamlet)”. The sun has its own meaning to most people.

Sonne (sun), to us, has the meaning of a life- and light giving force that lights up our lives and gives us the power to grow together.

Weiler (hamlet) is an old German word for a small settlement. It probably stems from Old High German “wilari” for homestead, dwelling.

As such, Sonnweiler symbolizes an intergenerational, supportive life at a place full of light that also invites other people to dwell and rest up here a while.

Our Healing Practice

To support a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, our Sonnweiler will also contain a healing practice. In Phase 1 of our project, this will be the KReativ Naturheilpraxis of our resident healer and therapist Katrin Rabe, who will relocate her practice from Leipzig to this place.

We wish for other people to find their way to us and to be an enriching part of our project. That way, we can inspire others together and support a creative, healthy and sustainable way of life.

You can read more about our vision for holistic health here.

Contents of our project phases

When we have finally found and bought the right real estate, we will begin the following phases:

Phase 1

Utilizing natural building materials and the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui we’ll create healthy and harmonic living spaces.

KReativ Naturheilpraxis opens its doors to all those looking for new avenues to continue their development. Homeopathy, hypnosis, relaxation therapy and other offerings serve as an invitation to personal growth and deep healing.

The garden welcomes its first fruit trees and bushes and garden design commences.

Phase 2

The quaint inner courtyard now cordially welcomes its first guests. Embedded therein, a comfortable seating area entices to rest and converse together. Behind closed doors, we aim to undertake numerous measures to account for our demand for nature conservation, energy efficiency and sustainability.

The inhabitants plant a variegated vegetable garden to supply the farm community with fresh and seasonal food. Kitchen spices and healing herbs will not be overlooked, of course. The give taste to our dishes and give their healing properties to self-made aetheric oils, lotions, tea mixtures and so on.

Phase 3

Successively more rooms for community use get added to the ensemble. There will then be a multifunctional room for hire, usable for workshops and events, as well as one or two apartments for vacationers or patients.

Phase 4

Sonnweiler is supposed to be a well visited place of pilgrimage and power for people of all walks of life from near and far.

Letting the soul relax and finding inner balance and harmony is best done in our calming meditation garden. Natural garden design, inviting seating and relaxation areas and soothing sounds are especially comforting and offer a wonderful place for Yoga outside.

A play area with many different sensory stimuli awakens the joy of discovery in our youngest visitors, meanwhile the adults can partake in coffee and a slice of pie from our café.

Some animals, such as ducks or chickens are basically mandatory on a homestead such as ours.

Beyond this, we already have many great ideas for further development of our project.

Thank you for making our project known to more people